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If you want to build any commit which actually is not listed as an official release, follow these steps:

  1. Download the source cloning the repository or hitting the download button in the source code tab.
  2. Open up the CSCore solution (CSCore.sln file) which Visual Studio (minimum requirement: VS 2008 Express).
  3. Make sure that the CSCli, InlineILCompiler and of course the CSCore project got loaded by Visual Studio. If not, try to reload the project from the context menu of the project in the solution explorer.
  4. Build the whole solution by using the Visual Studio menu or by pressing F6 (default shortcut).
  5. If everything goes right, Visual Studio will first build CSCore. After that the InlineILCompiler will add the Inline IL code to the CSCore.dll file. As the last step the CSCli tool will patch CSCore by adding the correct IL instructions for all COM objects.

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