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  • Alexandre Mutel: Basic principle of using calli-instruction to import com interfaces.
  • MarkHeath: Basic architecture and a few code snippets (especially in early days of CSCore –> ACM and WaveOut).
  • roylawliet and Mike Stall: Inline IL compiler on codeproject.
  • Nigel Redmon: Basic implementation for the Biquad-filter.
  • Konrad Windszus: XingHeader implementation (see here).
  • Jacobj: Providing a nice approach for creating the visualization in the WinformsVisualization example.
  • Marie Schwartbach and Sven-Lukas Görz: German documentation of CSCore. 
  • Stefan Baumann: Design of the cscore logo. 
  • Martien van der Burgt(martin48): Bugfix of MediaFoundationEncoder.
  • Grigory Chudov: Permission to use some parts of his CUETools.NET project inside of cscore.
  • Jetbrains: Providing a free Resharper licence. 

As I started this project at a very young age ... I unfortunately did not kept a list of all credits. So if there is someone not mentioned ... please send me a message. 


The basic architecture of library was inspired by directshow and naudio. But I am trying to go my own way and bringing my own concepts and ideas into this library.

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